Good music is not defined by genres or popular fashions. There are great artists in every genre of music and they are timeless, widely loved and stand apart from others. 

But we're losing sight of what makes music great. The mainstream media keeps on delivering the same corporately-created disposable music for the masses, shaped and selected by marketing men reading market research. These suits think they know what we want, and that's what they give us.. Over and over again. Simple songs, with meaningless but memorable lyrics, performed by pretty faces or gimmicky rebels. There's no sense of honesty in it anymore.

Would Bob Dylan have won X-Factor with his voice? Would Bruce Springsteen have been a success singing songs written for him by a committee?

There is good music out there, but you have to search for it.. In fact, many young people today will never have heard anything that's not played on the big radio stations. They may never have heard truly great music.

Isn't that sad?

Isn't that a bit scary?

We believe that good music should be heard and that the hardworking artists creating it should be fairly rewarded. That it should be easy to find good new music. That what we hear on our radios should not be determined by who has paid the most to get onto the playlist.

We will continue to promote good music.

Please continue to support good music by paying for it. Even the most talented artists need to eat!


Dangerous Dog Records is the exclusive record label of Ian James Stewart and Strangeways.

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